About This Site

This started out as a very temporary, figuring-it-all-out site via Blogger/Blogspot in 2004.  I moved it to another Blogger/Blogspot account shortly thereafter.  Now it’s here! Most of the content from the two old blogs has been moved to this site as well, even if it really, really sucked.

I don’t like to think of this blog as an online diary, because if that were the case there would be far, far more entries about poop, Buffy and what I ate today. (Not necessarily [but likely] in that order.)  Also, I’m not a Mommy Blogger; I have yet to reproduce. (You could tell if I had, because then the whole blog would undoubtedly be about poop.) Nor does this blog have a theme — or anything cohesive, for that matter.  I write; therefore I am… literate.

I am, to steal a word, internet-tarded. As such, the lovely Vicki over at Swank Web Style Design Studio read my mind and made this for me! Special thanks to Robin Smith of Enchanted Visions, who took the photo around which Vicki created the design and color palette for the site.


Yes, yes. I know that no one frequently asks questions about this blog. But if I’d called it a “SAQ” (for “Seldom-Asked Questions”), you’d have thought it was a typo. And it would have bugged the shit out of some of you that I left it that way forever. Besides, there’s really only one question:

Why don’t you write more about…

  • Rocco Because he’s gone. It was a bad break up. He will not be back.
  • Aunt Doodie Because we talked about this, Aunt Doodie. You can’t force it; it’s got to come naturally!
  • (Something Else) Maybe because I’m not doing/interested in that any more. Maybe nothing interesting has happened in that area in a while. Or maybe I forgot about it.  You should send an email and ask.

All other questions should be placed in the Comments or emailed here.