About Personal Me

I carry a Sharpie with me so I can sniff it when I stress. My bra size remains the same no matter how much weight I gain or lose. I will kick your ass six ways from Sunday if you dare to play Trivial Pursuit: 90s Edition with me. It took a Masters in religion, a 75-page thesis on a pop culture Christ-figure, and a stint in the United Methodist Candidacy for Ordination program for me to realize I was a humanist at heart. I have more degrees than a pot of boiling water, which makes me unemployable in Arkansas. I eat a bowl of steel cut oats every morning for breakfast and drink a glass of buttermilk every night before going to bed. When I get nervous, I quiz myself on world capitals. I watch too much television.

I’m okay with all that.


For questions about me or this site, you can reach me via email at dropedgeofyonder [at] gmail [dot] com.

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More random things about me you probably don’t want to know:

  • I’ve never broken a bone, and I’ve never had stitches. This is odd because of my innate clumsiness.
  • With rare exceptions, I don’t listen to music. I am, however, completely obsessed with NPR. This American Life is the best show ever.
  • My house is 95% chemical free.  It turns out I couldn’t live without shampoo or deodorant, although cider vinegar spritzed in your hair works wonders for detangling.
  • I always thought Kate from John and Kate Plus Eight was evil.
  • I make better bulgogi than the bulgogi restaurant down the street.
  • Cheese, buttermilk, sour cream, cottage cheese: I am all about the rotten milk. Surprisingly, I can’t stand “regular” milk.
  • I stopped reading books about five years ago; since then, it’s been nothing but blogs, forums, news sites and fanfic.
  • The worst thing I ever said in the classroom was, “Spit or swallow; it’s up to you.” What? The kid was chewing gum.
  • Coffee makes me poop.
  • It drives me absolutely insane that Facebook doesn’t allow markup. I need my italics!
  • I can’t believe I’m this far into this list and haven’t mentioned Whedon or something Whedon-related yet.
  • One time when I was seven we visited my daddy’s friend Grace in Oklahoma. Her husband was the guy who repaired the games at Showbiz Pizza, and I got an unlimited supply of tokens. BEST DAY EVER.
  • My yoga class is made of win.
  • I believe sweet potatoes are candy that grow in the ground.
  • In second grade Pam Lozano had a powder blue satin jacket with a silk-screened picture of Shaun Cassidy on the back that said “Legend in His Own Time.” I coveted that jacket.
  • Debra Messing bugs the shit out of me.
  • One of my sisters keeps telling people we’re distantly related to Garth Brooks. She never tells anybody we’re distantly related to a serial killer. I ask you, which do you think is more interesting and/or less embarrassing? (Hint: The only friends the serial killer had in low places were those he killed and buried.)
  • I really wish I had a Route 44 Cherry Coke from Sonic and a bag of homemade Chex Mix.
  • That last item was a code.
  • I judge people based on their grammar, but I try not to let it show.
  • I would rather kids pee in my pool knowing the chemicals will kill anything bad than have them traipse through my house dripping wet.
  • I’ve spent entirely too much time thinking about how I would survive on a deserted island.
  • It really rubs me the wrong way when people say “desert” island.  I think when most people say this, they mean an isolated but tropical locale.