Stupid Calendar

8:20 pm · category: Embracing My Inner Geek

My cousin Kim got me the Buffy 2009 Wall Calendar for Christmas.  It’s a standard, typical monthly calendar — and it’s nicely done considering it’s about a series that has been off the air for five years. Each month has a theme — which is usually character- or theme-driven — that helps pull it all together.

But this calendar has a real and discernible “ick” factor that I really, really, really hope was unintentional.

The photographic theme for January appears to be “Buffy’s Lovers,” as there are individual photos of Buffy with Riley, Spike, and Angel, respectively. But for reasons I can’t possibly understand, the calendar uses a still of Buffy and Spike from the season six scene in which he attempts to rape her; in point of fact, the specific shot shows Spike pinning Buffy to the ground with his hands clutching at her chest as she scrunches her face up in terror.

I’m all about the Spuffy, but I don’t want photographic evidence of a cinematic storyline that highlights an attempted rape hanging on my wall for 31 consecutive days. What the hell, calendar-making people?


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