Mega-Thrusters Are… Not Remotely Related to Brain Activity

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Oddly enough, I find savasana to be the single most uncomfortable aspect of my yoga practice.  There’s something about lying flat on my back with only a thin mat on carpet-covered concrete that just kills the small of my back.  I finally discovered I can be quiet and still and relatively comfortable during savasana if I spread my legs much, much, much wider than what you’ll see in the picture in the link.

The other day as I was settling into savasana at the end of class, I realized I looked like that guy.  You know?  That guy?  The famous one.  So I said to Amy, a classmate who is in the medical field, “Hey Amy, when I do this, I look like that guy.  What’s he called?”

She was utterly confused.  “Um….. what guy would that be?”

“You know, that guy.  The famous one.  From the line drawing.  It’s like, ‘Denubian Man’ or something.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yes, you do!  That guy from the drawing on the front of the medical textbook.”

Then everyone in the class pitched in, assuring me I meant the “the da Vinci” man and not ‘Denubian Man.’

Well, no.  It turns out I meant Vitruvian Man.  Who, yes, was drawn by da Vinci.  But I ask you, which sounds more like “Denubian”: “da Vinci” or “Vitruvian”?  And nobody ever calls it “the da Vinci man,” anyway.  So I didn’t feel like too much of a dork.

Until, that is, I remembered that “Denubian” means “of Denubia.”  And that Denubia is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy where Voltron takes place.  So then I felt like a giant dork.

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