Bradi’s Best Birthday*

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When mere_ubu invited me over for my birthday and said we were going to stay in our pajamas, eat ham, and watch Buffy, I thought, “Is she kidding?  I don’t usually do that until Friday night!”  And yes, you should all be TERRIBLY jealous that that’s how I spent my day.

Here’s what you need to know about mere:

  • She has a charming home with big rooms and tons of windows with light pouring in from every direction.  The casa is also chock full of amazing art created by mere’s pere.
  • She has a 42-inch flat screen plasma TV.  I’m fairly certain Oz was actual size.
  • She was unaware of Head Tilt Headquarters, which appears to be officially gone.  Luckily, the Wayback Machine had a few pages in its archives.  Enjoy!  (Start with January 2004.)
  • In addition to the ham and cheese omelets, she made coffee chocolate chip muffins.  Super scrummy and better than some cheap-ass grocery store cake any day of the year, but especially on my birthday.
  • She has watched only the first two acts of Dr. Horrible and none of Commentary! The Musical! Frankly, I cannot believe the LJ Spuffy fanfic community** hasn’t shunned her.  Apply pressure!
  • I got to finger Doll!Spike and the rest of the brood.  No — Wait!  I didn’t mean “finger.”  Oh hell, OF COURSE that’s what I meant.

Here’s what you need to know about our viewing pleasure:

  • I was relieved to discover there was no giant blue crystal or hidden stash of injections lying around.  At least, not that I remember.  I was sort of lacking in my usual amazing flexibility during yoga tonight, but that may be because of all the muffins.
  • We watched “Band Candy,” “Pangs,” “Intervention,” “Life Serial,” and “Him.”  Yes, today was all about the laughy with none of the mopey.  Plus, there was very little Angel, and plenty of Spike covered in sexy wounds.
  • We established that if I ever meet JW, the first words out of my mouth will be, predictably, “I wrote my thesis on you.”
  • mere_ubu now understands what I mean when I say, “Buffy has Man Hands.”
  • Remember in “Killed By Death” when Cordelia suggested Buffy get “that thing on her face” taken care of so long as she was in the hospital?  We totally know what “that thing” is now.
  • I cannot tell you how many times I yelled, “Eat a sandwich!” at the TV screen as the seasons progressed and Buffy turned into the Incredibly Shrinking Woman.
  • At one point mere and I agreed on something, and I instructed her to “Slap my hand now!”  To her credit, she did — although I couldn’t quite discern if she did so with bemusement or the same confusion with which Giles responded to Anya’s request of the same.
  • I taught mere how to play Who’s A Little Fear Demon with her cats.
  • During the “It was more like a riot than a Ralph’s” comment in “Pangs,” I sheepishly admitted I was ridiculously excited to drive by a Ralph’s on my recent trip to LA for the big Buffy party.

Thank you again, mere_ubu, for THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER.

*Cross-posted (mostly) from my comment on mere_ubu’s LJ.
**mere_ubu writes the best Spaiku (That’s Spike-related haiku for those not in the know.), and you should totally go read it.  I mean, chances are I met you at the WD, so you’d really appreciate that stuff.

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