A Vast 1992 Conspiracy

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Yep.  That’s me and my parents and Bill and Hill about six months before Bill became leader of the free world.  We were at the Governor’s Mansion for a function honoring the 1992 valedictorians from Arkansas high schools.  There’s only one problem.

I never graduated.  Technically, anyway.

See, I was so busy taking classes that were going to actually help me in the real world (band, choir, journalism, etc.) that I hit the last semester of my senior year one math credit short of the requirements.  I told the school counselor (Who, incidentally, looked EXACTLY LIKE Nancy Reagan.) I was going to take Algebra II via correspondence, so she went ahead and wrote it on my transcript as if it were a done deal.  I ordered the course, had My Cousin Rachel do the actual coursework… and then failed to mail it in.

Fun side note for Laurie‘s benefit: Frank “Herb Tarlek” Bonner from WKRP in Cincinnati was on hand as one of the “local celebrities.”  My daddy spent the entire afternoon talking to him about the Razorbacks.

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