Ass Clowns

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Here’s what I can tell you about Friday’s clown party without needing pictures to illustrate*:

  • There was so much good food.  Pickled asparagus was a revelation to my taste buds.
  • I tied for third place in the costume contest, despite the fact that I dyed my hair.  My aunt Shelley won.  Since she survived cancer earlier this year, I conceded defeat (almost) graciously.  (Second place went to a one-year-old boy.  No way I was beating that.)
  • No leg wrestling this year (Bummer!), but there were plenty of rounds of arm wrestling.  I won one of them!  Unfortunately, Aunt Doodie kicked my biceps when I wrestled her.  She is deceptively strong for an old lady.
  • I might have sung Bad, Bad Leroy Brown one too many times during karaoke.
  • We played Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  Nobody got my multiple references to donkey shows and Tijuana.  This either means that my family is very sheltered or that I am too worldly.

*Pictures will come later, though.  I have to stretch this post out for NaBloPoMo posts.

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