Promises, Promises

I’m working on stuff.  I swear it!  In the meantime, here’s some stuff to tide you over.

I threw the most kick-ass, environmentally friendly baby shower in the history of Central Arkansas last Saturday.  I should get a medal or something.  Miniature photologue tomorrow, I promise.

Heroes improved dramatically in the third episode/second week.  This week’s offering, however, was not so solid.  I’ll be sticking with it for the time being, but I’m not making any promises.

I bought a new sofa.  Quentin hasn’t peed on it yet!

I’m 90% sure Chuck is the most awesome show I’ve seen in a long time.  I realize it’s not for everyone, but I do love the whole dramedy/action/espionage thing all rolled into one.  Is it weird that Chuck is the TV character with whom I most identify?

My weight loss regimen is in the proverbial shitter.  Although I’ve stuck with the aerobic activity/weight lifting/yoga, my food choices are seriously messed up.  Today I bought a loaf of cheap-ass, store brand white bread for 89 cents and had four toasted slices with butter over the course of the day (Smart Balance “butter,” at least).  I can’t really explain any of that, except that toasted white bread with butter suddenly sounded beyond decadent.  Add to that the “bad” foods I ate during/while preparing for the shower, and I totally blew it.  Time to regroup!

I’m somewhat distraught that The Sarah Connor Chronicles is on the chopping block.  Last season was interesting but not spectacular; mostly, my complaint was that it was slow to start (Is there anyone watching this show who doesn’t already know the basics of the Sarah Connor story?) and dropped a rather important story line (What the hell was up with the silhouettes at the high school?  I need closure!) — although I realize that was due in part to the strike.  But the last few episodes of season one were noticeably better — especially that incredible swimming pool scene in the finale, which was pure, undiluted awesome.  This season, however, is much more interesting and consistent (so far) as a whole, what with the additional (non-movie-based) back stories and all.  And, while I kind of hate to admit it, I think Brian Austin Green is sort of awesome — and by that I mean the actor himself and not just his character.   BAG is… pretty convincingly bad ass.  This makes TWO original 90210 actors for whom I now have a certain affinity.  Thank goodness I’ve never watched an episode of Dancing With the Stars.  (But mostly — and I know I’m not alone in this — I’m most interested in seeing Summer Glau dance again.  Her movement is completely mesmerizing.)

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