Buns in the Oven

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Sarah Palin was on SNL tonight, and she was — well, mildly humorous.

She [the real Palin] was there [SNL], and she briefly encountered Tina Fey performing (another) magnificent impersonation of herself.

And it was awesome.

I think Palin is a terrifying vice presidential candidate.  (Actually, I think she’s a terrifying political candidate for any office.  And I thought we had problems here in Arkansas…)  If McCain wins and then passes on during his elected term, THAT CRAZY-ASS WOMAN WILL BE THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLDGyughhh.  And, as Buffy once said, “I’ll see your ‘Gyughhh’ and raise you a ‘Nyaghhhh.’”

But I have to admire a person who can take that kind of shit and not look chagrined or embarrassed.  (Of course, she did look that way — but in an appropriately comical sense.  I mean, either she totally got the caricature thing, or she’s an idiot.  And while I think Palin’s an idiot, I don’t think she’s that kind of idiot.  So this was probably a good place to show she’s a good sport.  Of course, I’m also fairly certain that 75%+ of the SNL audience is already committed to voting for the Obama/Biden ticket, so this was mostly like Christophe Beck showing up for the Emmys in 1999 and making fun of himself, knowing he wouldn’t win.)  And props to Tina Fey for having the balls to play the part, as well.


On a completely unrelated note, can anyone tell me how to bake bread in the oven after it’s been mixed in the bread machine?  That seems like a valid use of my oven in the fall/winter months. I’m looking for a temperature setting and whether or not I need an appropriately sized pan — and if said pan needs to be greased.


Oh, man.  Palin came back for Weekend Update.  Double awesome!  And she was just as cool and collected as you’d never expect her to be.  Good on her!  She’s totally endeared herself to me — but not enough to vote Republican.  Just so we’re clear, you know.  You got it?  YOU BETCHYA!


In related SNL news, I’m glad to see they’re using Amy Poehler’s pregnancy as a sklot point (i.e., “skit plot point”) (New word for my lexicon, betts!).  Honest to goodness, I know that SNL hasn’t been cool for a gozillion years.  But if I didn’t watch regularly, I’d have missed things like Ashton Kutcher’s ingenious Death By Chocolate ads or the entire freakin’ episode with Justin Timberlake.  (Comedy fucking gold.)

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