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This whole Palin-hockey-mom-pitbull-lipstick-pig thing is just ridiculous.

Unless you hang out in Aunt Doodie’s grooming shop.

You see, when a dog is excited/nervous/terrified during the grooming process, he will sometimes, um, well, unsheathe his penis. But you can’t very well run around a business yelling, “Put your dick up!” all the time, so we refer to the unsheathed penis as “lipstick” because of its shape and color. Which means that in Cabot, Arkansas, you can, in point of fact, find both hockey moms and pitbulls with “lipstick.”

But since Obama’s community organizing experience never brought him to this part of the country, I’m fairly certain he didn’t know about that.


After reading Katherine’s comment and doing a quick Google search, I realized that referring to dog dicks as “lipsticks” is actually quite common and not unique to Aunt Doodie’s line of work. (I’m slow on the uptake with these things, as I generally dislike dogs and avoid them at all costs — unless it means that Aunt Doodie will pay my rent.)  So I guess it’s likely that Obama did know about that. But I think it’s even more likely that all these people who are up in arms about Obama’s “lipstick on a pig” comment have certainly heard that phrase before and undoubtedly knew what it meant as well as what it didn’t mean.   Or is that another one of those things we say only in the South?

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