For the Honor of Grayskull

12:46 pm · category: Body of Mine, The Whole Fam Damnly

About two weeks ago I realized I have muscle definition in my arms. I can actually see my biceps! Ever since I’ve spent at least a few minutes a day flexing in front of the mirror like a twelve-year-old boy. Last night I discovered I have definition in my triceps, too. So today I showed Aunt Doodie my awesome emerging muscles.

“Wow!” she said. “Pretty soon you’re going to be He-Man!”

“Or She-Ra. Because, you know, I’m a girl,” I said.

“Umm, I said ‘Wee Man,’” Aunt Doodie said.

“Fuck you!” I yelled.

“What?!? He’s all muscled up!”

She better pray I never find a Sword of Protection.

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