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Mystery of the Deep! (And Dark. And Dank.)

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Last week my cousin Mayme, thirteen, was supervising some younger children as they played in the empty field across from her house. And it was a good thing she was there, because she found a nice-sized hole that no one had ever noticed before. It was approximately 2.5 feet in diameter and seemed rather deep.

Mayme did the smart thing and alerted the adults. When Mayme and the adults investigated further, they discovered that the inside of the hole was bricked all the way around. They assumed it was an old well, so they contacted the city to have the hole filled in to prevent a Baby Jessica episode.

The mayor, the city planner, and water department representatives all inspected the hole over the next couple of days. It seems that there are no indications or records of a well — or any other structure — on said property at any point in the city’s history. The city representatives snaked a camera down into the hole but could not find where it ends. In fact, they kept throwing around the word “tunnels” with perplexed looks that clearly said, “We don’t know what the hell is going on down there.”

This is not a big town, as it has a population of a little less than 25,000. Incorporated in 1891, it’s not a very old town, either. So what the hell is this thing?


  • Underground Railroad Cabot was, at one point in time, the white flight capital of America. This is a town that still holds a Robert E. Lee parade on Martin Luther King Day each year. It’s also the site of a Confederate cemetery where 1500 soldiers who succumbed to typhoid fever are interred.
  • Hellmouth This could totally be the site of a mystical convergence, because unpleasant things do gravitate here. (See Robert E. Lee parade, above.) Plus, it’s been, like, 105 degrees here forever.
  • C.H.U.D. Tunnels It’s true that there aren’t a lot of stray pets around here. I thought that was because Animal Control did a good job, but now I’m beginning to wonder. (Of course, it could be a Sluggoth demon, which puts us back at Hellmouth.)

But it’s probably just a well.



You’d Better Be Ready

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  • Ready to jump! Something tells me Johnny D. won’t be involved. In fact, something tells me this movie will never be made. But a girl can dream.
  • You can jump — and do the Truffle Shuffle — in these kick-ass shoes…
  • … which would leave you all the better prepared to participate in chess boxing. (Seriously. WTF?)


It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts

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This is my house.


It’s on a quiet street in a small subdivision full of young families and retirees. In other words, people who are not like me. I do not own this house. I will never own this house. I will never own any house, because I’m terrified of that kind of responsibility. And also major home repairs.

But I feel so very, very much at home here. I’ve worked hard to make this place my own, and it worked. Most days I’m so happy in my house that I don’t want to leave.

Take my bedroom, for instance. It is the very definition of the word “sanctuary” to me. It’s light and airy and spare and not mucked up with all kinds of crap.

Master Bedroom

And then there’s the master bath, which is bigger than bedrooms I’ve had in the past. (Also, you might be noticing a color theme at this point.)

Master Bathroom 1

Master Bathroom 1

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, too, because I’m all about baking and using the George Foreman grill.


Dining Room

And finally the living room, which might as well be my home office because I spend billions and billions of hours here, parked in that ass-ugly chair with the laptop actually in my lap and the DVR remote never more than an arm’s length away.


Home Office

Built-In Bookshelf

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