I Don’t Study the Homework. The Homework Studies Me.

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Some of you may have figured out that I’m taking a medical transcription course.  (Because what I really need is another degree.  [insert eye roll here])   But I gave this a lot of thought and did more than a month of research — which is more consideration than I gave seminary for damn sure.)  I figured this would allow me to work from home and  — more or less –  be my own boss, since I keep getting burned big time in the outside professional world.  And it’s comforting to know I can always go back to teaching or hotel management if I need to, but I really don’t want to.

Thus far the MT course work has been almost ridiculously easy.  I just finished the module on medical roots, prefixes and suffixes, and I sort of kicked ass.  I had a great high school biology teacher, so I already knew about 90% of the terms.

But some of the roots/prefixes/suffixes were completely foreign to me.  For instance, now I know that “algia” means “pain,” which explains the condition “fibromyalgia.”  And “infra” means “below or beneath,” so I will finally remember that infrared light is below red — that is, the longest wavelength of color of visible light.  And then there’s “brady,” which means “slow or retarded.”  So you can imagine how it went when I was quizzing myself aloud over the new terms:

“‘Malacia’ is ‘softening.’”

“‘Penia’ is ‘deficiency.’”

“‘Brady’ is ‘retarded.’”

“‘Rrhexis’ is — Wait.  WTF?  Retarded?”

So suck on that, Tropic Thunder controversy.  My homework called me a retard.

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