Healing: Body, Mind, and Spirit

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If you’re following it at all, I’ve posted my 5K Ass Project results for Week 3 in the August 2000 archives.  Things are a little womlu this week, and I got a bit long-winded in the most recent post.  But I noted a couple of important discoveries that I felt compelled to share on the very off-chance that someone else had struggled with the same issues.  (Anyone else out there who is 4’11″ and thought she should weigh 100 pounds?  If the answer is yes, you should probably go to the Archives.)

Although I didn’t mention it there, part of my increasing acceptance of the way my body should be is thanks to my almost-constant viewing of the Olympics.  I know that sounds crazy and might lead you to think that I’m aiming for something ridiculous like a 2% BMI, but that’s not the case.  In point of fact, I’ve come to accept that I have significant muscle mass and that is not a bad thing.  I’m never going to look like any of the athletes you see in the Games, and I don’t really want to.  But watching the Games has reminded me that terms like “athletic” and “fit” do not necessarily mean “rail thin.”

I’ve found myself especially admiring the female athletes’ physiques and marveling at their sculpted muscles far more than I do their male counterparts.  (Except for the male swimmers.  Is there anything more scrumptious than a swimmer’s body?)  This is ironic because my yoga instructor has mentioned several times over the past few weeks that many women who do yoga intentionally don’t focus on the poses that require upper-body strength in particular because they think that muscle definition in their arms is “unfeminine.”  This seems like crazy talk to me, because upper-body strength means that you’re, well, strong.  I’ve always been strong relative to my height, thanks to some incredible genetics from my maternal grandmother.  My lower- and upper-body strength, in particular, are very good.  I need to focus more on my abdominal strength, which sucks.  And although I love my yoga classes, I also need to concentrate on doing more cardio — despite the fact that I hate it.  But Aunt Doodie has committed to walking with me every day, so I hope that I’ll make some progress in those areas soon.


As promised, there’s a new contest for August.  This month I’m giving away one of mouse‘s (Laurie’s) healing stone bracelets.  The winner can choose one item from mouse’s selection of said bracelets at her Etsy store, which features her LollyBeads creations.  (I purchased a set of her hairsticks for one of my sisters as a birthday gift, and said sibling loves them; her melodramatic, all-about-the-pretending three-year-old daughter loves them even more.)

To qualify for the contest you don’t have to do anything except comment below. The contest closes at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, August 23. The winner, which will be selected using a random number generator, will receive the aforementioned healing stone bracelet of his/her choice from the linked page at mouse’s LollyBeads Etsy site. Everyone who comments is eligible to win, including people I know in real life.

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