Product Testing

A couple of weeks ago Allison at allison wonderland asked for volunteers to test her homemade bath salts and scented candles. I had to pass on the candles due to Rocco’s allergies, but today I received a jar of lavender-scented bath salts. All the way from Canada!

I’m “testing” the bath salts tomorrow (Saturday) because I bathe (rather than shower) on Wednesdays and Saturdays. That might sound weird, but if I don’t have a set schedule for sitting in the tub, I won’t do it. And I must sit in the tub and bathe. You see, I am completely incapable of shaving my legs in the shower for a couple of reasons: (a) I’m afraid of falling; and (b) I hate wasting water that way. So I have to actually plan to sit in the bath to shave, or I’ll never do it. And then there’ll be reports of a tiny female Sasquatch on the loose in rural Arkansas. Have I mentioned lately that I’m incredibly hirsute? Because I am. Truth be told, we’re not talking about just leg hair. We’re talking about all hair that’s not on my head, most of which must be trimmed, plucked, or completely removed regularly. So this is much-needed, twice-weekly, specifically planned body maintenance. I also deep condition my hair, completely exfoliate my face, and boil out my ears on Wednesdays and Saturdays while I’m in the bath.

I should have called this post “TMI 2.”

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