O Holy Night

Last night we had a freakish windstorm. (The Fabulous Tropical Tiki Hut moved halfway across the deck!) Rocco and I were wrapping gifts while watching The Wizard of Oz when the electricity kaflooied.

A quick call to the electric company made it known that power wouldn’t be restored for three hours. So we did what people must have done in olden times before such modern marvels as digital cable and track lighting were commonplace: we read old issues of TV Guide by candlelight.

Alas, the publications didn’t hold our interest. (I already know that James is not going to use either of his two Immunity Idols to save his ass, making him the second-stupidest so-called Survivor in history. The first is Todd, who gave James both Immunity Idols. And yet the two of them went home with $100,000 and $1,000,000, respectively. The mind fucking boggles.)

So Rocco and I lit more candles, pulled out a couple of hymnals, and sang Christmas songs with piano accompaniment.

It was exactly as Hallmark special/schmaltzy/cool as you are imagining it to be.

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