Where To Go And What To Get

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Meghan of Pyreflies over Zanarkand posted this, which gave me an idea for a not-boring and helpful post. Don’t spend a gozillion dollars with unhappy shoppers on mass-produced gifts. Buy from my internet friends! They’re poor and talented.

mouse sells beautiful custom-made jewelry and accessories over at LollyBeads. Check out her newest additions, the hairsticks.

makes beautiful handmade cards over at Rather Crafty, which is aptly named.

also has her own online store, and she makes all kinds of shit. But right now she has only two items up, so you better hurry! Just think, you could have a scarf made in Hollywood. You could pretend like you’re Isadora Duncan. (Watch the wheel!)

My friend Robin has prints of her spectacular photos available at Enchanted Visions.

Finish up the rest of your holiday shopping with these links so I can continue to indulge in my love of all things Buffy.

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