Who Are You, Part II

My sisters, daddy and I met with Mama’s medical team today. She has made some progress at the new facility, including gaining some very limited mobility and a bit of control over her right hand. The primary obstacle is that she has no idea what the right side of her body is doing most of the time. Best as I understood it, it’s kind of like the opposite of having a phantom limb in that she’s really unaware that she has a right arm and leg. It’s very slow going right now, but she grows more cooperative every day, which means that the progress should continue.

Mama’s speech and language are also improving. She is much more communicative in general and often more coherent. Case in point: today she asked what day it was, and when told it was October 03, she was surprised to learn that almost a month had passed. She was particularly distraught to realize that she’s missed so much work. “You think somebody might need to sign me up for disability?” she asked her occupational therapist. We’re taking this as a good sign because it means that she’s thinking abstractly on some levels.

Mama will be discharged from her current rehabilitation facility — which focuses on physical and occupational therapy — on Oct. 17. At that point, we have decided to try to get her in to Timber Ridge Ranch, a residential rehab facility that specializes in brain trauma.

Finally, today my mother called me by name only once. The rest of the time she called me “Buffy” — which, of course, is totally awesome for me but not so good for her. But it also means that she remembers stuff about me and is making connections on different levels. So again, there’s progress.

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