With Both Hands Tied Behind My Back!

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I moved on Sunday, and I’m still exhausted from the ordeal. I did that thing where I have a miniature breakdown because I get so overwhelmed by the very idea of packing that I shut down and quit (Thanks for that funny little quirk, bipolar disorder!), but Sandy (my aunt, she of the mermaid hair) came to my rescue again and managed to pack up my living room and kitchen in under 1.5 hours. So now I’m indebted to her. Again. Blast it!

I also (stupidly) packed all my shoes prior to the actual moving, so I was barefoot for the entire loading and unloading. Between that and traipsing up and down the stairs 4000 times, the tender soles of my feet and my oh-so-shapely calves ache terribly. I’m trying to avoid whining, but damn, the lower third of my body is in some serious discomfort.

It’s safe to say, however, that the cats have been more traumatized by the relocation than I have. They were cooped up in the bathroom at one house or the other for the better part of moving day, and between that and having to share a pet carrier for the arduous three-mile drive across town, they’re torn between seething resentment and a desperate need to be coddled, cuddled and consoled. Quentin in particular was a real pussy about it (Ha! See what I did there?), to the point that he hid so well that I panicked when I couldn’t find him in the vast expanse that is the new abode. (Note to self: long-haired gray tabby can successfully blend with ashes remaining in fire place.) But the cowering and apparent terror has given way to boundless energy and a thirst for exploration. It’s safe to say that my cats are adjusting to their 1850-square feet of outward mobility.

So, yeah. Everything is moved, but it will probably be early next week before everything is unpacked and put away. And the new job is going very, very well. Moving from a 256-room full-service hotel to a 71-room limited-service hotel? I feel like I could do this new job like the Cowardly Lion meeting the Scarecrow and Tin Man for the first time.

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