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Moving On, Up and Out

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So, lots to cover. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

I love my current job as Director of Guest Services at a large, full-service hotel in an upscale part of Little Rock. Nevertheless, tomorrow is my last day. When I accepted the promotion to DGS, one of the things I specifically asked was if I would continue to work nights. (At the time, I was primarily the Manager on Duty for the 3-11 shift.) I was told — not once, but twice — that whether or not I worked nights would be up to me, as I would be making my own schedule from that point forward. And I did — up until June, when the General Manager began putting me on the 3-11 shift for occasional MOD shifts. That was the point when things got crazy, because suddenly I was working 9-6 one day, then 3-11 the next, then 7-3 the next. And on top of that, I was suddenly scheduled to work 12 days straight, had one day off, and then was scheduled for 13 more consecutive days. My body just can’t take the absence of routine that a schedule like that requires.

As luck would have it, the company I used to work for as the General Manager of a limited-service property needed an Assistant General Manager for a property they own. In fact, it’s at the first hotel I ever worked at, so I know the property backwards and forwards. I accepted the job, even though it means a paycut of about $6,000 annually. But I’m okay with that, because the new job is only 20 minutes from my house, as opposed to the 45-minute drive I’m making right now. I’ll also be working 7-4, Monday through Friday, and on call every other weekend. That’s way better than 25 days straight in crazy schedule land with one day off in the middle.

Leaving the full-service hotel is really sort of depressing because I like so many of the people I work with. I’ve also mentioned before that this hotel is undergoing a $12 million renovation and will be changing brands soon. As the DGS, a big part of my job has been getting the staff prepared for that change and to make sure all brand standards are met. I’m actually ahead of schedule, so even though the change won’t come until July 07, I’ve got everything in place for the transition to be effortless. I’ve since learned that the hotel does not plan to replace me, which indicates to me that my work here is truly done. It also didn’t help that I found out a mere 10 minutes after turning in my resignation that one of the young men I hired to be a bellman was offered (and accepted) a full-time, salaried management position making more money than I was. This really chaps my hide, because the young man had exactly two months of hotel experience as a bellman, whereas I have two years of management experience, am a certified general manager, and have four degrees. It’s a good thing I had given two weeks’ notice, because I’d probably have just walked out when I found that out.

In other news, I’m moving! Right now I’m in a lovely two-bedroom, one and one-half bath townhouse. I like it very much and just assumed I’d be there until I moved to another town, whenever that might have been. But a couple of weeks ago my aunt and uncle bought a new house, and they asked me to move into their current home for a minimal ($40 a month) difference in rent. Come Friday, I’ll be moving into a three bedroom, two bath, two-car garage house with a fenced-in yard (With a creek running through it: Bonus!), two-tiered deck, and swimming pool. I feel all fancy now. But where the hell am I going to get enough furniture to fill up a house that size? I’m accepting donations. ;)




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My youngest sister got some awesome DNA that I somehow missed out on, because I doubt I’ll produce children as beautiful as hers. Here’s Asher, Tayden and Dax on or near Easter 2007. They’re wearing orange, and they’re still stunning.