On the Money

I am virtually incapable of managing my own money effectively, so Sandy takes care of my finances for me. I have my paycheck deposited into her account, and she pays my bills for me. When I need cash, she is my personal ATM. Of course, she keeps great records, which is why I’m not the only person for whom she does this.

Yesterday Sandy was describing her bookkeeping procedures to me. “Everything is recorded at least four places: their file, my file, the green book, and the purple book,” she said. “For instance, your stuff is in your file. I also keep track of it in my files. Then it’s recorded in the green book, which is where I keep track of everybody’s stuff.”

“Okay. So what’s the purple book for?” I asked.

“To make sure the green book is right,” she replied.

“Oh, my God!” I gasped. “You have a redundancy system. The Cardassians would be appalled!”

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