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The following is the answering machine message I left for my aunt at 1:46 a.m. Saturday while watching the latest episode of Lost:

“So, I’m only, like, eight minutes into the last episode of Lost, and I’m already crazy. Because Hurley has turned into a human Hindenburg. Remember back in season one when he said he’d lost enough weight to scale back two belt notches? LIAR! He’s now spent less than two months on the island, and you can’t blame all that blubber on the black and white Dharma Initiative food stuffs mysteriously dropped on the island. It’s like Angel in season five; did he really get that bloated from donor bank and otter blood? Anyway, Hurley might want to try some Method Acting before he becomes a one-note meat sack in Lost history. Otherwise, they’re going to have to dig a big fucking hole to bury his fat ass.”

Let it be known that Hurley is one of my favorite characters on the show. But this is one of those continuity errors I can’t let go of, similar to when Anya “forgot she knew how to drive between “Graduation Day, Part I” and “Triangle.”

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