Superbowl Sobs

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It’s true. I cried during the Super Bowl. Twice.

I didn’t even mean to watch it. I went to my aunt’s house because she watches those entertainment round up shows (Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc.) and I was hoping to catch the commercials. But I showed up at her house on Sunday, thinking the Super Bowl had been on Saturday. (Make fun all you want. I will not feel stupid because I didn’t know the Superbowl is always on Sunday.) So then I had to actually watch the Super Bowl. (Except that I didn’t. I had cocktails and read Entertainment Weekly while I was waiting for the commercials.)

But then the halftime show came on. I teared up as soon as Prince whispered “Dearly beloved…” I’m not even much of a Prince fan, but I could kind of feel that it was just going to be awesome. And it was! And then I felt the tears fall when the marching band came out. I couldn’t help it! I have a thing for marching bands; I always cry at DCI competitions. I teared up during Drumline, and it sucked ass. Please understand, this was a happy cry. Really!

That said, did anybody else kind of giggle when Prince sang All Along the Watchtower? I yelled, “Oh my God! He’s proselytizing during the Superbowl halftime show!”*

*That reference is so obscure and tenuous I doubt anyone understands it.

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