Who Shot Kennedy? Nobody. Dammit!

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I introduced my aunt Sandy to the Buffyverse. She, in turn, turned her two daughters on to the two series. When Sandy’s older daughter Kim began watching the DVDs in earnest, her young children fell in love with Buffy and Angel. (If this were a pyramid scheme, I’d be a thousandaire by now!)

Kim’s kids love Buffy. Antigone has been known to pack a bag of “weapons” before she goes outside to play. Simon once made a valentine for Cordelia, whom he consistently referred to as his girlfriend. Sandy has a paperweight that bears a remarkable resemblance to the Orb of Thessulah, and Tig had dibs on it.

Over the last year or so Kim and the kids have watched Buffy and Angel chronologically, usually viewing an episode a day while Kim walks on the treadmill. Sandy and I exchanged the following emails as the trio viewed the end of Buffy‘s seventh season:

Sandy: So Kim was watching the episode where Xander gets his eye poked out, and Simon ran from the room screaming. He loves that Xander. Kim had to calm Simon down and tell him Xander would be okay before she could coax him back to watch the rest.

Me: Poor Simon! How do you think he’ll react in the last episode when Spike flames up and crumbles into dust?

Sandy: I know! And what about Anya? And Amanda? WHAT ABOUT AMANDA?

Me: Right! And Chao Ann! And Kennedy!

Oh, wait. Kennedy didn’t die. DAMMIT!

Sandy: Kennedy is dead to me.

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