Oh, Christmas Tree

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I’m singing it in a very melancholy way. It’s practically a dirge.

I bought my Christmas tree and trimmings eight years ago, and that was the one and only time I put it up. After that, I always had a roommate so we used her trimmings on a real tree. My stuff was in storage –

– until last Saturday, when I drove 40 miles to get them out. I put the tree up late that night. Even though it took almost five hours, I was thrilled because it was so lovely when it was done. I went to sleep a happy woman.

I woke up a very cranky woman, because I found the tree lying on its side and the decorations strewn from one end of the house to the other. I should have realized something was up because there was a toy soldier in my bed. I yelled at the cats, although they seemed (typically) aloof.

So when I got off work Sunday night, I put the tree up again. This time I put it on top of two boxes, so it was about four feet off the ground. It looked even better the second time. I stayed up late just so I could enjoy it. The cats weren’t at all interested in the tree, preferring to instead groom each other. (That’s so cute!) I went to sleep an even happier woman.

I woke up devastated. The tree was again lying on its side, but this time it had been knocked four feet to the floor. The decorations were everywhere, and all but a couple of balls were shattered and ground into the carpet. The cats couldn’t even pull off plausible deniability because they were too busy swatting the few balls that weren’t destroyed.

It’s going to take me hours to clean this mess up and pack everything away. I’m so upset about the destruction and the fact that I can’t have a Christmas tree that I actually cried on the way to work today. I’m not big with the kitten love right now.

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