What’s New? Pussycats!

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This whole living alone thing really suits me, but last week I realized that a cat would suit me even more. (I’ve been missing Rupert something awful.) So I went to the shelter to adopt a kitten.

The shelter currently has about 100 kittens. It’s a good thing I’m a pushover, because I never could have chosen one of the precious, desperate little felines as they wove in and out between my ankles and climbed my legs, begging for attention. I finally asked the woman in charge which would be the least likely to be adopted, and she said plain blacks and gray tabbies are least likely to find a home.

I took one of each.

It’s terrible that when you get those frisky kitties home, they stare at you with abject terror. The pair wouldn’t leave the pet carrier for the first hour, choosing instead to sit at the open door and just eye me warily. “So you guys are just a couple of watchers, huh?” I asked rhetorically. Which is when I realized I was naming them Quentin and Nigel.

Quentin, the gray tabby, is the loner. He’ll disappear for hours at a time (He spent the first two days hiding behind the couch.) and prefers to sleep alone, although he’s always up for a rousing game of chase. I haven’t heard him meow yet, so I think he’s pretty content.

Nigel, on the other hand, shadows me all day long. He even goes to the bathroom with me. (I”m going to put a stop to that, though. I’ve seen him eyeing the toilet paper roll with curiosity, and that will just lead to two-ply badness.) And it weirds me out that he, like Rupert, wants to sleep either on my chest or under the covers.

I’d forgotten how active kittens are. The greenery is strewn all over the house, the incense box is overturned every morning, and I can’t leave napkins out unless I want to clean up what appears to have been a midnight papier mache party the following morning.

On the up side, Nigel and Quentin love each other. They were part of the same “community group” at the shelter, so they’ve always lived together. Quentin quickly tires of Nigel’s antics, but Nigel really helped Quentin acclimate to the new environment. They both love to play Who’s a Little Fear Demon. (Or, at least, they’re humoring me for the time being.) And they groom one another, which is just too cute.

Pictures will come as soon as I remember to pick up batteries for the camera.

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