I Don’t Know Much

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Yesterday I visited with a local minister. (Her name is Rev. Love. How great is that?) When I mentioned my thesis, she was intrigued and asked to read it. Rev. Love then mentioned that she was considering taking a creative writing class at the local university just for kicks. Then I was intrigued.

My BA is in communications with an emphasis in print journalism, and I’ve worked in the newspaper business off and on for the last 18 years. I’ve always loved research, because there’s a ginormous nerd inside of me who is hardwired to be obsessed with any subject into which I’m told (or paid) to delve. When I taught high school, I hired out as a research paper ghost writer, which can bring in some serious cash. My seminary thesis was fun (Yes, fun.) as much because of the research process itself as because of the subject matter. And I have (I think, anyway.) awesome proofing and editing skills, thanks to a kick-ass advanced comp professor way back when.

But I’ve never really thought of myself as a creative writer. The closest I’ve come to creative writing was as a columnist for the high school newspaper wayer back when. I’ve always been taught that a writer should write what she knows. I don’t know much. So how could I take what little I know, knead it into something fictional, and make it interesting?

Still, the mere idea of the creative writing class is enough to make my brain tingle.

I like to tingle.

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