Tonight at Ten

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There are a lot of difficult things one faces when moving to a new town: new home, new community, no friends, no ties. But you can decorate a home and make it your own, and you can get out and meet people. What you can’t do is take your beloved local newscasters with you.

When I moved from central to north Arkansas in 2005, I didn’t manage to adjust to the news teams on the local affiliates in the six months I was there. But then I returned to central Arkansas, and all was right in my world for eight months. Now I’m three months in to my latest re-location to south Arkansas, and I am certain I will never feel at home again.

First, let me explain that I get only four local affiliates with antenna: ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. This is okay with me, because pretty much everything I watch is on CBS. (Translation: I am not too terribly discriminating in my TV viewing diet and can survive, if necessary, on three flavors of CSI, several bland detective shows, and Charlie Sheen fare laden with your more common additives and preservatives.

What I cannot stomach is the local newscasters.

I miss my KTHV friends from central Arkansas. Every morning when I watch the news on KSLA, I lament the loss of BJ — who was doing the news long before I was even a zygote — and Robyn, who is just the sweetest thing. (I don’t much care about Tom, because he comes across as an asshole.) In the evenings I yearn for Anne, who has had the same hair cut for 20 years, and Andy, who started out on KATV when I was in elementary school. I long to see Craig and his big lips, reliving the days when he was the DJ on B98.5 and DJed my last prom. I ache for Ed, who really is the the most trusted newscaster out there, as he’s gotten me through more than one tornado.

I miss you, KTHV!

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