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This Job Now Has Fringe Benefits

3:02 pm · category: Hotel Hell

This morning I walked into the hotel lobby, and T-1000 was standing in it. Of course, I did not immediately recognize him as such and almost called him Agent Doggett. After he left, I realized I had most recently seen him in The Unit.

It was my first celebrity encounter, unless you count meeting Buck Owens at a wedding once. And I don’t.

That is all.



This Old Breadbox

5:03 pm · category: House Calls, Kids Are All Right, The

There are five college-age boys sleeping in my house for the next four days. They are truly packed in like sardines. Sardines in a breadbox! Mmmm, tasty! Last night I put two of them in my full bed and the other three on a pallet in the floor. I am stuck sleeping on the couch. They’re basically living and sleeping in a van while they’re on tour, so hygiene hasn’t really been a top priority. Their feet smell so bad that I have to smoke to get anything resembling fresh air, and I swear that if I had wrung the oil out of their hair I would have had enough to fry an entire chicken.

But after their gig tonight, they want to watch Buffy, so I’m trying to be a good hostess.



Well, That Was… Weird

7:17 pm · category: Embracing My Inner Geek

Thursday night I dreamed that I went to a seminar given by Joss Whedon, and only three other people showed up. Afterwards I invited him to hang out, so we drove around in my car for awhile. At some point Mr. Whedon became exceedingly inebriated and demanded we rob a doctor’s office for the “good drugs.” Then he insisted on driving my car and did doughnuts in the driveway, which was covered in snow. When the police chased us, he bailed and left me to fend for myself, at which point I got shot in the ass with a pellet gun.

I also dreamed that Gregory Hines was tap dancing on the carpet in my bedroom.

Who needs drugs when you have an exciting dream life?



Mirror, Mirror

11:52 am · category: Embracing My Inner Geek

I finished re-reading The Star Trek Encyclopedia, and I did something I find awesome that others probably find… creepy and boring. But as I so often do, I’m going to share too much information, anyway.

See, during my re-reading, I compiled a list of all the actors who appeared in both Buffy and any of the first four Star Trek series. I was at a disadvantage because my Encyclopedia was through 1998 only, so it didn’t have all of DS9 or Voyager in it, and it had none of Enterprise. (But Enterprise sucks, so I’m not too worried about that.) So while it’s not a comprehensive list (although more so than it would have been, thanks to IMDB), I was still rather surprised by the actors who appeared in both:

  • Clara Bryant: Chandra in “Move Along Home” (DS9) and Molly in multiple eps of season seven BtVS
  • Kelly Connell: Sklar in “Rise” (Voyager) and Norman Pfister/BugMan in “What’s My Line?” (Parts 1 and 2) of BtVS
  • Joel Gray: Caylem in “Resistance” (Voyager) and Doc in “Forever,” “The Weight of the World,” and “The Gift” of BtVS
  • Harry Groener: Tam Elbrun in “Tin Man” (TNG), The Magistrate in “Sacred Ground” (Voyager), Nathan Samuels in “Terra Prime” and “Demons” (Enterprise), and Mayor Richard Wilkins III in multiple episodes of BtVS
  • Dominic Keating: Malcolm Reed (Enterprise) and Blair in “Helpless” (BtVS)
  • Caroline Lagerfelt: Makbar in “Tribunal” (DS9) and Anne (Spike’s mother) in “Lies My Parents Told Me” of BtVS
  • Mark Metcalf: Hirogen Medic in “The Killing Game” (Voyager) and The Master in multiple episodes of BtVS
  • Vincent Schiavelli: Minosian Peddler in “The Arsenal of Freedom” (TNG) and Uncle Enyos in “Innocence” and “Surprise” of BtVS
  • Armin Shimerman: Multiple ST roles in TNG, DS9 and Voyager (most notably as Quark in DS9) and Principal Snyder in multiple episodes of BtVS
  • Brian Thompson: Multiple ST roles in Enterprise, DS9, TNG, and ST: Generations, and both The Judge and Luke in multiple episodes of BtVS
  • Harris Yulin: Aamin Marittza in “Duet” (DS9) and Quentin Travers in multiple episodes of BtVS

As for Angel, I didn’t pay too close attention. I do know that Lee Arenberg, Mark Rolston, Tracy Middendorf and John Billingsley all appeared in both Angel and one of the Star Treks, but I either knew that or ran across that information rather than actively looking for it.

Yes, yes, I know. I need to get a life. So I’m on my way to a fish fry.

But really, wouldn’t it be cool if they made a Buffy movie and Majel Barrett had a role? I mean, that would just knock my socks off.