Production-Duction, What’s Your Function?

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Pleasing me. That’s what.

I accomplished the following things today:

  • Had an electrician come to my house to figure out why two of my outlets don’t work. One of them is in the bathroom, so I have to blow dry my hair in the bedroom sans mirror. The other one is in the living room directly below the outlet the new air conditioner needs to go in. He said he’d have it fixed on Monday!
  • Got one of the windows opened in my bedroom and moved the other window AC unit into it — a much better location.
  • Replaced the hot water faucet in my bathroom sink. The old one was stripped, and it leaked and had mold growing from the lip. Guh-ross.
  • Had someone help me move my ginormously heavy TV to the top of the bar in the living room. And then he showed me how the antenna ears extend. (Yes, I am a moron.) Now I’m getting four channels instead of two! It’s like moving from Russell to Bald Knob — a small step up, but nothing compared to moving to Searcy.
  • Got Freon put in my car. Blessed Freon! How I’ve missed you so!

I also did a bunch of important stuff at work today: solicited bids for a new extermination contract, started training a new GSM, finished up my weekly bill packet, saved a few lives.

All in all, a good day.

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