This Place Would Fall Apart Without Me

2:44 pm · category: Hotel Hell

I never made it to my hometown this weekend as planned. In truth, I mostly put the trip off because the price of gas is outrageous and I know I’ll have to go next weekend because my little sister’s C-section is scheduled for Thursday.

But beyond that, I’ve been at work a total of seven hours over the two days during which I was supposed to be completely out of town and unavailable. This is irritating because only one of those hours was a situation that only I am authorized to handle (or, when I am out of town [which everyone thought I was] the Guest Services Manager). The rest were things for which the clerk should have called tech or system support. Why are grown women so afraid to dial a 1-800 number and let a person in Maryland walk them through (in eensy, tiny baby steps) solving a computer error? Grrr. Arggh.

Mostly I’m just tired of trying to build my employees’ confidence with encouraging words after stupid behavior, like checking a guest into a room when the credit card declined, or spelling a guest’s name so incredibly wrong that it appears they are from India when they’re really just from Haynesville, or renting a room to a guest from Haynesville when our policy says no guests from town in a 30-mile radius and Haynesville is 22 miles away.

I am sure there are things I do that piss off my employees, but dammit, I ‘m the boss! It’s my job to tell you how to do their jobs. I’d like to think that my employees don’t have any complaints about me because I believe I am 90% perfect in my job performance and don’t screw up much. And when I do screw up, I accept responsibility and fix it. I don’t go about acting like a wounded puppy or asking someone else to fix it for me when there’s a process on file as to how to resolve the problem without consulting a higher-up.

[/end rant]

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