It’s Hot! That’s Watsons!

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I know, I know. The title only makes sense to me and my aunt, but I bet she’s laughing her ass off right now. (And just for her, here’s a little link.) I guess I could have gone with some comment about Paris Hilton trademarking a certain phrase that was used by the general populace long before she was a blip on the celebrity map, but it’s too hot to even think that hard.

As it turns out, my new town is even hotter than the old one. Apparently, moving 200 miles south of where you were does, in fact, get you nearer the equator, which in turns means that the temperatures are much higher. It’s the middle of April, and today the temperature was 87 degrees Fahrenheit; tomorrow, the expected high is 96. It’s hotter than Satan’s balls.

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