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No, not the television show. Rather, it’s mine. My tiny, tiny four-room house. It’s the size of a breadbox. It’s not bigger than a breadbox. It’s not smaller than a breadbox. It’s the size of a breadbox.

The house is actually fine, though, because it’s just me (and soon, hopefully, my cat) and I don’t need a lot of room. I expect utilities will be dirt cheap, and I couldn’t ask for a better rent situation. ($200 a month!) However, the house is very old and has been empty for a couple of years, so the interior is covered in dust and bugs. Plus, it smells like an old house. I finally got most everything put away last night, and I expect to do some serious deep cleaning tonight. (The last renters must have been disgusting. The toilet was frightening.)

The only other major problem I’m having is that everything in the house is some shade of brown. Dark brown paneling, light brown trim, medium brown lineoleum. Oh! The carpet in the bedroom is actually a rust color, and I’m not sure if that’s in the brown family. Anyway, I’ve decided to paint the living room and kitchen a combination of khaki, green and orangey-red. Yes, I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s going to be stunning. I’m sure of it.

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