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Lately, I’ve been thinking about food a lot. (All right, all right. This is not a new phenomenon. I think about food all the time. The difference here is that I am hyper-aware that I am thinking about food a lot.)

First off, I have discovered the best pies on the planet, which are produced at a local place called Backyard Barbecue. Initially, I was disappointed because the barbecue itself wasn’t what I expected. It was good, mind you. But it’s beef, and everyone on the planet who doesn’t live in Texas knows the best barbecue is pork. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that these are the kinds of pies that make you go weak in the knees. A couple of nights ago, I recommended Backyard Barbecue to a guest at the hotel, telling her, “Be sure to save room for the pie. It’s so good it will make you go weak in the knees.” An hour later the guest returned and said I was right — the pie was excellent. And to reward me for my spot-on recommendation, she brought me a slice of coconut cream pie. Mmmmm. Then, a couple of hours later, I told another guest about the knee-weakness-inducing pies, and he brought me a slice of… something. Let’s see. It was a cheesecake with crushed-up Oreos mixed in. There was a layer of cherry pie filling on top, and on top of that was a layer of homemade chocolate icing. (The quick kind you make with cocoa and powdered sugar.) I was not simply weak in the knees. Rather, I was pretty much incapacitated and thought I was going to have to apply for a handicap sticker for my car. Double mmmmm. (And to top it all off, yet another guest was given an extra order of breadsticks from Pizza Hut, which he kindly passed on to me. I racked up that night.)

In other food news, I have created the best sub sandwich on the planet. Normally I prefer Quiznos, but at Subway you can get the Menley Special, which goes like this: Italian BMT (pepperoni, salami and ham) on parmesan oregano bread with garlic spread, mozzarella, shaky parmesan, marinara sauce, black olives, bell peppers, onions, pickles, mayo, and spicy mustard. Toast it and enjoy.

Suddenly, I’m very hungry.

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