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Interview With a Wanna-Be Vampire Slayer

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I’m the wanna-be, and Merope (aka Beth, aka Julia Stiles look-a-like, aka Champion of the Monkey Whores) is the interviewer. You can learn more about her here, but all you really need to know about her is that she’s stunning and smart.

1) If you could have a $1000 store credit in any store, which one would you choose?
It’s lame and predictable, but I’d have to go with Petite Sophisticate. They have nice casual and professional wear for the extremely short, and it’s affordable. I desperately need some new professional wear, as I’m still wearing stuff from my teaching career that ended four years ago. Consequently, I’m trying to squeeze into stuff that’s too small and very outdated. Besides, I’m giving serious consideration to adding color to my wardrobe.

2) If you could magically gain fluency in three languages, which ones would you pick?
ASL would be at the top of my list. I’ve been in a holding pattern for about six years, but I know I have it in me to become fluent. I’d also choose Greek and Hebrew, as that would certainly help with the whole career thing.

3) Who was your favorite teacher? Why?
Mrs. Gibson. She was my band director for seven years. And then we worked together at my home church with the youth and some other stuff. We got to be good friends, even going on vacation together in New Orleans once. Of course, I can’t get over calling her “Mrs. Gibson,” and that pisses her off to no end. When we were in the Big Easy, we had to use aliases so I wouldn’t be yelling, “Hey, Mrs. Gibson! I’m going to the bathroom! Get me another beer!” while we were roaming the French Quarter. We ended being May and June.

4) What were you afraid of as a child?
Failure. In retrospect, I think I put an undue amount of pressure on myself.

5) What toppings do you not like on your pizza?
Mushrooms are out. They’re flavorless, and the texture is disgusting. I’ll never understand how people can eat them. Pineapple is all wrong, too. I mean, pineapple is great — but you shouldn’t throw it on top of cheese and tomato and cook it. Blech.