I Am So Old

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Feeling my age has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I had a birthday last weekend. It has more to do with the fact that the kids with whom I now work do not recognize or appreciate the pop culture references I spout on a regular basis.

Last Wednesday was my first meeting with the kids in the youth group for which I am responsible. I decided to throw a birthday party for myself, complete with gifts. Of course, I have zero dollars, so all of the “gifts” were actually things I already own. It wasn’t totally cheap, though. I selected things that were important to me or expressed some aspect of my personality. (Off the top of my head, there was a Buffy DVD set, a pack of Star Trek playing cards, my treasured WWE Royal Rumble 2002 chair, and a photo of me at the World’s Biggest Rocking Chair.) I wrapped them up, attached gift tags that said, “To Menley,” and left the “From” field blank. (I can’t believe I just called it a field.) Then I piled the gifts up and let the kids select one and put their names on them. That way, when they presented me with a gift, I could look at the tag and put a name with a face. (Incidentally, that worked pretty well.)

After the gifts were opened, I let the kids ask questions they had that hadn’t otherwise been addressed. That’s where the feeling old thing came in. One kid asked what my favorite color was. I immediately said, “Blue. No! Green!”

Dead. Silence.

Finally, one of the kids asked uncertainly, “So, which is it? Blue or green?”

That is just so very, very sad. Still, I’m not sure if it reflects more poorly on me or on them.

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