She Put the “Grand” in “Grandma”

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Today my grandmother stopped by to tell my daddy — her son — something. We eventually got around to talking about last night’s choral performance, and she turned to me and said, “And you — why, you looked absolutely beautiful last night, standing under those lights with your make up so pretty and your hair fixed nice. You were just beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look prettier.” This was a marked change from most of her recent “compliments,” which tend to be more along the lines of, “So, you look like you’ve lost weight. Are you losing weight?” (I haven’t; in fact, I’ve gained — but thanks for reminding me.)
Sometimes a girl just needs to hear something like that.
And then, to top it off, Rie (That’s my grandmother, whose name is actually Marie; hence, “Rie” is pronounced “ree” rather than “rye.”) asked if I wanted to take my grandfather’s keyboard when I move in a couple of weeks.
Now see, Rie bought the piano I mentioned in my last post many, many years ago when I first started lessons. The piano stayed at her house, which was caddy-corner to my own home at the time. When my parents purchased a larger home a few blocks away, we took the piano with us because we finally had room for it. Years later, when I — the sole trained pianist in the family — asked my mother if I could take it with me, she responded with an emphatic and slightly malicious “no.” I appealed to my grandmother for help, but she (rightfully, I suppose) refused to get involved, saying the piano was for the “family” and that my parents could decide what to do with it.
In other (slightly related news), I got my hair cut yesterday. The cut is okay, although I’m not too pleased with the color. But if my grandma said I was stunning, it must be okay.
Edit — For whatever reason, my posts aren’t coming out right again. Yesterday’s post came out exactly as intended, but now I’m back to the no-space-between-paragraphs thing.

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