Feliz Navidad, Gente Loca

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On Wednesday we had tons of snow, which naturally turned into a nasty sheet of ice underneath. (We don’t get snow very often in this part of Arkansas, but when we do it’s pretty much a given that it will turn into scary, scary ice.) I had just stopped by J. and K.’s house to have K. help me with a little craft project (because I suck at craft projects and she doesn’t), and within an hour I was snowed/iced in. That night we hauled out the ham and some of the other fixings for Christmas and had a nice little dinner, which I like to think of as a going-away party for me and me alone.

I finally braved the treacherous roads the next afternoon, expecting I’d need to be home the next day for all the Christmas Eve festivities. Imagine my surprise when I arrived home and learned we weren’t doing any sort of celebrating until Sunday. So I was stuck at home, staring at all the things I need to pack up but can’t quite get the motivation to do so. And then yesterday I got myself all prettied up and fought the ice again for the Candlelight Christmas Eve service at church, but nobody showed up. (You’d really think someone would have called me, since I was partly in charge of the service. But nooooooooo.) So I stayed up super late last night, reading and messing around on the computer.

This morning my mother woke me up at 8:00 a.m. to say she and my father were going to my youngest sister’s house to see my niece and nephew open presents and enjoy the megaload from Santa. I mumbled and rolled over. Then she woke me up at 1:30 to say they were going to a friend’s house for Christmas dinner, which of course I was welcomed to join them at. Bah, humbug! I was sleepy and greasy and my eyes were almost matted shut. Plus, the friends live way out in the country in the foothills of the Ozarks, and I wasn’t about to drive myself there. So I put in a load of laundry, took out the trash, and got online.

But it looks as though tomorrow we’ll actually be doing the traditional Christmas thing as a family. As traditional as my family gets, anyway. For years we had Italian food for Thanksgiving, despite the fact that not a one of us has a drop of Italian blood. I, of course, bitched and moaned every year because lasagna and spaghetti and manicotti just don’t count as Thanksgiving for me. My mother’s reasoning is that it’s stupid to have the exact same meal twice in a one-month span (Thanksgiving and Christmas). There’s some insane troll logic for you, because it sure doesn’t seem to bother her that we have Spam sandwiches every single night. Is it really too much to expect to have turkey and dressing and sweet potatoes and every single casserole on the planet a measley two times a year? Geez.

This year we actually had those traditional American foods for Thanksgiving, and I was elated. Bingo! I’m finally getting my way. But alas, that’s because Mama is switching up her ethnic holiday meal plan. This year for Christmas we’re having Mexican. So think of me when you’re having asparagus casserole and delicious ham and pumpkin pie.

Because I’ll be eating tacos.

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