Peace on Earth, But Goodwill Is For the Dogs

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So, I got a job through a temp agency working at the local Goodwill Industries because there were no clerical jobs available.  I accepted the assignment from the temp agency because having a job was increasingly more important than having my pride.


The Goodwill location I was assigned to is like a giant garage sale: people from all over the county donate their cast-offs and such.  Unfortunately, the location hasn’t been able to keep good workers, and there were at least 600 garbage bags and boxes full of clothing and household items; on average, this location makes it through about 10 bags a day.


I was assigned to work in the warehouse (sans air conditioning in the Arkansas heat and humidity), going through the donated items and determining what was worthy of being put on the floor for sale.  It turns out that it’s against the rules to sit down while you’re on the clock, and there were no empty tables on which to put the bags.  Consequently, I had to bend down every single time I pulled an item to examine from a bag.  Now, I’ve done a lot of physical labor in my time and am in relatively good shape, but this was outrageous.  Two hours into the job, my back and calves ached with an intensity I hadn’t known since I took the Presidential Fitness Test in college.  Moreover, Goodwill insists that all donated items must be clean; however, they don’t check the donations before accepting them.  I was, therefore, stuck in a sweltering building pulling dirty underwear out of bags that had been sealed for six months or more. 


Perhaps most importantly, the temp agency hadn’t said anything about Sunday work.  Unfortunately, my position required me to work every other Sunday.  I had made it quite clear to the temp agency that I couldn’t work Sundays.  (I am, after all, studying to be a minister; parishioners don’t look too kindly on you missing Sunday services.)  I told the Goodwill supervisor that I wouldn’t be back the following day as soon as I returned from lunch, although I did finish out the day.  (Mama taught me good manners and a work ethic, okay?  I’d already committed myself to it, even if I was willing to do it for only one day.)


On the up side, I applied today for a job with the local daily newspaper as a church and religion writer.  This can either be spectacularly good or devastatingly bad.  I mean, I have a BA in communications and worked as a professional journalist before I moved on to a career in public education.  (Where, I might add, I was a successful yearbook and newspaper adviser.)  Presently, I’m five months away from finishing my MA in religion.  Moreover, I worked for said newspaper for almost two years before I began teaching.  If I’m not qualified for this job, nobody is.  I’m terrified that I won’t even get an interview, even though I’m (I think) very qualified.


Regardless, tomorrow I have a one-day job cleaning a pet grooming salon.  Thank God my aunt loves me.

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