I Can Read

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I spent the better part of yesterday applying for various jobs. The search for employment is a real pain, because I’m over-educated and over-qualified for just about everything I could possibly do that will fit with my school schedule. It turns out that BurgerKing doesn’t want you to man the FryDaddy if you have a couple of degrees.

At any rate, I filled out an application at Hastings (a bookstore), hoping for any sort of employment. I also sent out a resume for a job with a local radio station selling advertising and writing copy for commercials.

The funniest, however, was a job at the county library. They have a part-time position for an adult literacy coordinator. The application was four pages long. However, the first three pages were the job description, and the final page had the typical questions: name, contact information, etc. The only real information they asked for was what degree I held — no college name, no experience, no specifics whatsoever.

The literacy job has been open for more than two months, but they haven’t found anyone suitable for it. When I turned in the application, the girl working the desk asked, “Do you think you’re qualified for it?” I replied, “Well, I can read.” She didn’t think that was funny at all. I’m glad I scribbled in all sorts of extra information on the last page of the application, like how my degree had an emphasis in print journalism, and how I was a professional journalist, and how I advised award-winning newspapers and yearbooks, and how I was a certified English teacher with years of experience. If I’m not qualified for this job, I need to seriously re-examine my educational experience.

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