The Protein I’m Missing is in the Key of G

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Today I found proof that you should periodically return to strange websites to see what kinds of updates are there. I loved Molecular Music the first time I went, but it only had some plant songs. They’ve got all kinds of stuff now!

The website explains the weird things going on there like this: “Created by award-winning biochemist and musician Dr. Linda Long, Molecular Music provides a pioneering link between the seemingly disparate worlds of music and biological science. It involves the generation of music from three-dimensional biological molecules called proteins. Dr. Linda Long has developed it as tool for teaching molecular modelling of complex protein structures, and to generate music from herbs, medicinal plants and the human body for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.”

Since my last visit, they’ve added a tune for Human Growth Hormone, which is on the “Music of the Body” link. Because I sometimes maintain that my short stature is a result of low HGH levels (rather than the obvious genetic implications), I downloaded that one right away. It’s pretty good. There’s also the sound of fertility, which is from a hormone called “follitropin.” (And here I always thought the sounds of fertility were Barry White songs, satin sheets rubbing against one another, and the drip-drip-drip of champagne from a bottle to a glass flute.) You can also hear the sound of metabolism, which isn’t near so gross as you might have imagined.

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