Spa City? Yeah, Riiiiiiight

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I spent the last three days in Hot Springs, AR, at the United Methodist Church’s annual conference of the Arkansas Conference. I wasn’t there as a voter or a speaker or anything. I was there to “see and be seen,” hoping to make some connections in the conference that will be helpful as I go through the candidacy/ordination process.

The guest preacher and speaker were very good, but the rest of it was incredibly boring. I had so much trouble staying awake during the first meeting that I took my crochecting with me for the rest of them.

The irony is that Hot Springs is known as the “Spa City.” It bills itself as the first resort in the country’s history, and it’s still a popular tourism and vacation destination. The city is reknowned for its natural springs, which are said to have healing properties. The massages, spas and baths are supposed to be top notch, and the historic downtown area really is quite lovely.

I, of course, did not experience any of this because I was in the convention center or my hotel room the whole time. That’s really sort of my fault, though. I’m cheap and I refused to have my car valet parked, so I had to walk everywhere I went. Plus, I packed only sandals, and they were really uncomfortable to walk in. Chalk one up for inherent laziness.

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