Out With the Old

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My youngest sister is having a yard sale, and she has graciously agreed to let me put my crap in it. Since virtually everything I own is in storage, I’m not really getting rid of much.

I did, however, clean out my closet and all my drawers. It was amazing how much stuff I got rid of: seven Wal-Mart bags and one giant garbage bag full of clothes and shoes. Most of the stuff I haven’t worn in at least three years. By the time I was done, I had virtually nothing left in my closet except for a few nice suits. Everything else — both dress and casual — was either black or white. And that was the stuff I do wear regularly.

Based on that discovery, I’ve decided to slowly revamp my wardrobe so that virtually everything I own is black, white or gray. First, black is slimming, and that never hurts. Second, everything in my wardrobe should them be (theoretically, at least) easily interchangeable. And third, it allowed me to get rid of almost every pair of shoes in my closet, and I have tons of room now.

The only problem is that black isn’t too, ummm, exciting. One friend told me I would look like I was going for the “neo goth” look, and that people would fear me. But I figured if it’s worked for ministers all this time, it’ll probably work for me, too.

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