Hello, Kitty

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I’ve unofficially adopted the neighbor’s cat. He’s really a pathetic little thing: he’s scrawny and has only one ear. (The other was, at least stitched up — what was left of it, anyway.) But he does make me smile when he rubs up against my leg. I’ve named him Steve, after my Aunt Sandy’s high school friend Steve, who is also scrawny and makes me smile. (Steve does not, however, rub up against my leg. If he did, I’d drop-kick him right where he stood.) I think the neighbors got Steve from an animal rescue shelter, which is a laudable act.

Which reminds me, today I learned at the Buffyguide‘s Watchers Diary about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s push to repeal a 1998 California law that requires shelters to hold animals for six days before they’re euthanized. Instead, he supports putting down strays the day they’re found. I’m not really much of an animal lover, but that seems cruel even to me. Admittedly, the governor backpedaled almost as soon as the animal rights activists started in. Still, it seems sort of heartless.

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